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May 2nd, 2016

How Do Vocians Keep up with their News? Part 2

Last week, we published the first in a two-part series highlighting tips, tricks, hacks and best practices from across Voce for keeping up with our news. Today, it’s time for Part 2. After all, we’re in the business of communications, meaning it’s imperative for every single one of us to keep our fingers on the […]

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April 25th, 2016

How Do Vocians Keep up with their News?

We’re in the business of communications, meaning it’s imperative for every single one of us to keep our fingers on the pulse of what’s happening. That means what’s happening in our industry, what’s changing in our client’s worlds, what key journalists are interested in, and what broader business trends are coming that we can get […]

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March 30th, 2016

Beyond March Madness: What Numbers Mean to Vocians

People in the communications profession sometimes get a bad rap when it comes to numbers, and math, and quantifiable results. “You can’t put a number on the value of a New York Times article” is a phrase you’ve probably heard more than once. Just Because We’re in Communications Doesn’t Mean We Don’t ‘Do’ Numbers But […]

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February 24th, 2016

What We Love: More From the Voce/PNConnect Staff

Valentine’s Day may be behind us, but February is still the month of love. Last week we shared a roundup of what folks on the PNConnect SF team love; today, back by popular demand, we’re sharing some more examples of what we love. The team members below represent various areas of expertise – from media […]

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February 17th, 2016

What We Love…From the Voce/PNConnect Staff

We at Voce have a lot of love to give around, and we love the opportunity to share some of what we love. Stacy Libby and Christopher Barger have already shared what they love, so we’re keeping the theme going. This week, we highlight what we love from a selection of our digital talent in […]

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January 21st, 2016

Content is Dead. Long Live Content.

In related news … Media is dead. Long live media. Pundits are calling it: content is dead. Or at least lazy content is dead. Or it’s not dead, you’re just doing it wrong. Everyone’s got a perspective. There’s a reality, though: content has been at the forefront of the communications and marketing lexicon in recent […]

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November 2nd, 2015

2016 Social Network Predictions: Back to 1999?

Ah, 1999. TLC and Brittany Spears were topping the charts. Michael Jordan was retiring – though not for long – and you could find anything on the Internet – a topic, a website, a new friend, a chatroom – through AOL, the world’s portal to the Internet. In the sixteen years since, the Internet has […]

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August 19th, 2015

Crowdsourcing the Government? What the GSA’s Deal with Yelp Really Means

Yesterday’s news that the General Services Administration (GSA) will be partnering with Yelp to use reviews to find new ways to better serve taxpayers is welcome news, and it potentially represents a massive sea change from the delays, bureaucracies and poor customer service people have come to expect when it comes to government agencies. What […]

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December 4th, 2012

Not Getting Enough Support for Social? Go Straight to the Execs

It’s almost 2013, and let’s be honest, most people – even executives – now understand that this thing called “social” does have value. But that does not necessarily translate into even a basic knowledge of what social is or why it is so important, and it certainly doesn’t always translate into adequate support or funding […]

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February 14th, 2012

How Much is Too Much? Best Practices for Streamlining Corporate Social Accounts

Brands often find themselves facing the difficult question of how many social media accounts is too many? What divisions within the company are allowed dedicated social media accounts? Which ones should have their social efforts integrated into broader corporate accounts? The answer for each company may be different, but it should be based on the […]

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