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July 11th, 2007

Being Productive

I’ve been working at cnp for a little over a year now and I am impressed with how much we’ve produced over that time. All of my previous experience was in the corporate world with development teams more than quadruple the size of cnp_studio. Yet, in the past year I believe we’ve more than tripled […]

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June 11th, 2007

Flash Sucks

Let me rephrase that, Adobe’s Tools for creating Flash SUCK! Flash is a powerful and useful tool, very often mis-used, but a useful none the less. From what I’ve seen so far, the Actionscript language is pretty good. It gives you the flexibility to do almost anything you want with flash and its not too […]

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May 28th, 2007

Why I Hate Open Source Parts 1 & 2

PART 1 About a year ago, Zend released the specifications of its PHP IDE, Zend Studio, publicly. I think they did this to help increase the quality of the open source PHP IDE’s out there. While this does mean more competition against their IDE, it also means more companies will be willing to move to […]

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