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July 30th, 2012

An Internship is What You Make It

Many people think of an internship position as a non-paid position, usually held while in college finishing up a degree requirement. However, during the recovery from one of the worst recessions in recent U.S history, what if you’re choosing a new career? How can one proactively jump into a new industry without getting a new […]

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June 14th, 2010

Profile Ownership

One of the roles I’ve taken on here at Voce has grown to include my talking to new hires about what we try to do with our social media profiles and give them some general social media guidelines as well. Since a good amount of our new ACEs and interns are fresh out of college […]

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August 24th, 2009

Social Media Usage Gets Prioritized by PR Hiring Managers

There’s a notion out there that if you want to be a successful “social media marketer” you need to have thousands of followers on Twitter, a widely read blog and more, as well as be updating all those on a regular basis. Unfortunately some people put more value on those than a solid foundation of […]

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July 13th, 2009

Interviewing is a Two-Way Street

To continue our summer series geared toward helping those land their first full-time gig, we wanted to remind you that not only are you interviewing for the job, but you should be interviewing your employer, too. The interview process really is a two-way street, one of mutual selection. Yes, you’re trying to land a job […]

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July 6th, 2009

10 Interviewing DOs to Remember

Last week you saw a post from us on things to remember NOT to do in an internship interview. To continue our summer series geared toward helping college students/recent grads find internships, today we’ll give 10 tips of things to DO in an internship interview. Do bring in updated copies of your resume to give […]

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June 29th, 2009

10 Interviewing DON’Ts to Remember

We saw a post written last week by a PR colleague named Buck talking about a particularly poor interview experience he had. This really hit home with us because as members of the recruiting committee here at Voce, part of our job is to screen and interview applicants. Lately we’ve been focused on filling internship […]

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June 1st, 2009

Crossing the Personal/Professional Line on Social Networks

Employees worth their salt struggle with something every time they post an update to Twitter, Facebook or even their personal blog: “Will this post/update reflect positively or negatively on my employer or clients?” Sometimes they make the right decision and sometimes they don’t. That’s just the way things are. Companies and agencies are struggling with […]

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April 2nd, 2009

The Power of Less at Web 2.0 Expo 2009

Spent the day at Web 2.0 Expo (along with several thousand of my closest friends) sitting in social media sessions, networking and checking out the exhibitors on the floor. I’ve heard murmurs that this year’s event is a much leaner showing than years past — but the folks who did make it are still happy […]

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October 29th, 2008

The Web Divides PR and Advertising

Alright, I guess it’s inevitable that amidst this economic shake up, we would return to the age-old argument of Public Relations vs Advertising, and debating where your business dollars are better spent, and you know, whatever, that’s fine, it’s not without good reason. In fact, I’ll admit, this was a hot topic at last week’s […]

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October 6th, 2008

Changing Lanes and Finding the Path to PR Righteousness

They say you switch careers at least five times in a lifetime. Is it terrible to say I’ve done it three times in three years? After uprooting from the East Coast, I found myself not only adjusting to new faces and places but regional cultures, idioms, and career choices. Stripped of the glossy advertising, PR, […]

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