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March 28th, 2016

Voce Nation Podcast Ep. 3: Twitter’s Algorithmic Change, BART’s Response Strategy, Chipotle and More

Once again Christopher Barger, Chris Thilk and myself got together on Blab to discuss recent news. Watch the show below. Here’s what we discussed this week: (1:10) Twitter has rolled out its filtered feed and people don’t seem to mind. (9:05) BART got real on Twitter while engaging with people who were commenting on service […]

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March 16th, 2016

Instagram Wants to Show You What It Feels Is Important To You

By now you’ve probably seen the news that Instagram will be following the lead of parent company Facebook and introducing an algorithmic feed designed to surface what it feels are the most relevant photos your friends have shared and show those to you. This would kick to the curb the unfiltered stream that’s been in […]

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February 3rd, 2016

Where Does a “Big Game” Ad Fit In A Content Marketing Plan?

Are you ready for this Sunday’s Big Game? Have you bought that new flat-screen TV, planned what kind of pizza and sides to order and what kind of guacamole to have for your guests? Are you ready with conversations-starters to fill in the time between commercial breaks? Yes, as we’ve been told by countless articles […]

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January 28th, 2016

Facebook Gets Most of Its Users – and Revenue – From Mobile

Facebook released its quarterly earnings yesterday and the dissection of the numbers was fast and furious, with the hot takes raising the aggregate temperature of the United States by 3 degrees and helping the Northeast get out from under the snows of Jonas. Among the numbers reported were: Facebook has 1.59 billion monthly users, two […]

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January 26th, 2016

Christopher Barger On For Immediate Release

One of my favorite podcasters in the communications business is Shel Holtz at For Immediate Release. I’ve been listening to his shows since I was at IBM a decade ago. Shel is always insightful, and he is able to attract the best minds in the business to share their thoughts on the latest developments in […]

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January 25th, 2016

What Gets People’s Attention at Sundance?

The Sundance Film Festival is underway, bringing the filmmaking elite to the streets and theaters of Park City, UT for several days of screenings, conversations about those screenings, acquisitions negotiated in hotel suites and more. The fest is always an interesting mix of established directors and actors who are there selling and promoting the smaller, […]

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January 5th, 2016

The FTC Addresses Native Advertising Labeling

You might have missed it as you prepared for the holidays, but just before Christmas the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) issued updated guidance regarding native advertising. As native advertising becomes increasingly common, this is important to both the practitioners who develop it and the publishers who share it. To recap the new guidance: The […]

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December 3rd, 2015

2016 Content Marketing Predictions: Thoughts From the Voce Network

As I prepare digital and social 2016 plans for clients, I wanted to get an outside take on what the content marketing trends will be in 2016. I reached out to the following contacts and they provided the below valuable insight on what brands should expect in 2016: Jeremy Kaplan, @smashdawg, Editor in Chief, Digital […]

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November 18th, 2015

2016 Social Network Predictions: Social Commerce, Facebook Advertising and Ad Blocking

It’s always a bit of a high wire act to write a post listing your predictions for the next year. This is because prediction posts are one of the safest ways to ensure that by the end of the following year, you’ll look like a fool — and that there will be people reminding you […]

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September 21st, 2015

Exercise Caution When Using Audience Photos in Your Content Marketing

“User generated content” has been a buzzword for a long time, originally used to somewhat derisively refer to anything that wasn’t created by a legacy media organization. Only slightly younger than that is the concept of a company using UCG in their marketing, the idea being that this sort of material holds some sort of […]

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