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March 30th, 2011

Platforms Presents: ESPN Front Row

The Voce Connect Platforms team is pleased to announce the launch of ESPNFrontRow.com, a WordPress-based corporate platform for ESPN’s communications department to offer “news about ESPN, employees at ESPN and behind-the-scenes activity at the sports media empire”, as Technorati aptly put it. Mike Soltys, ESPN’s vice president of communications, was quoted earlier in SportsBusiness Daily […]

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July 25th, 2008

New Site: RealDanLyons.com

If you don’t know Dan Lyons you may know his alter-ego, Fake Steve Jobs. Dan Lyons is a technology columnist for Newsweek and the creator of The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs. Dan decided it was time to walk away from Fake Steve, but still needed an outlet to discuss what’s on his mind. We […]

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April 2nd, 2008

Breathe in… Now Release

OK, so I said we’d been MIA for a bit, busy on projects and whatnot and we’re very excited about two coming in for a landing today. I’ll touch on that here in just a sec, but first something I’ve been neglecting to recognize… WordPress Had Some Work Done In the midst of the hustle […]

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January 13th, 2008

New Site: Yahoo!'s Corporate Blog, Yodel Anecdotal

Friday was a fun day spent at the Yahoo! campus in Sunnyvale, CA launching the updated Yodel Anecdotal. Myself along with Mike and Josh from Voce Communications got together with Nicki Dugan (Yodel’s Editor) to add some more cowbell. Things started with a meeting on the redesign back in late July 2007 and led to […]

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December 4th, 2007

New Site: Girl Scouts of West Central Florida

Well, not exactly a “new site.” New to our portfolio is more like it. The Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Web site actually launched on October 1. I’m just now getting around to actually writing about it. Kristin over at the Girl Scouts was beginning to wonder if we were not proud of the […]

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September 17th, 2007

New Site: TrueDemand Software

Well, allow me to apologize for the blatant neglect of this blog over the past 3 weeks. I won’t make excuses for not having a post since August 27, but I will say that things have been a tad bit busy around here. Quite a few sites are all coming in for a landing right […]

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June 25th, 2007

New Site: PlayStation.Blog

Hey mom, all those years of video games finally paid off! It’s an exciting day when I can say we had a hand in the rollout of an official Sony Web site. Josh over at Hyku handled the design of the site along with helping on project coordination. Pete skillfully crafted the XHTML/CSS. Mike, as […]

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