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November 2nd, 2015

2016 Social Network Predictions: Back to 1999?

Ah, 1999. TLC and Brittany Spears were topping the charts. Michael Jordan was retiring – though not for long – and you could find anything on the Internet – a topic, a website, a new friend, a chatroom – through AOL, the world’s portal to the Internet. In the sixteen years since, the Internet has […]

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April 26th, 2011

Earn That Affiliation Signal

There’s a trend rumbling around the online world of asking people to signal their affinity for something before they’ve actually engaged with it, whatever “it” is in each particular case. The Facebook page for many movies will keep some content hidden behind a Like Gate, asking someone to say that they “like” a movie they […]

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February 10th, 2011

Learn, Don’t Scold

Did you hear the one about how a months-old video about pain medication was suddenly the most offensive thing on the internet? Or the one about how a retail brand changing its logo was going to disenfranchise a large chunk of their consumer base? Or the new one about the coupon company that ran a […]

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February 8th, 2011

What Made Me Your Audience?

One of the things that frustrates me most about being in the social media bubble is the fact that we all (social media marketing, PR and other folks) seem to be each other’s audience; reading each other’s blogs, books, Tweets and newsletters and commenting on them in some great big circle of life (note: a […]

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January 19th, 2008

37 Signals It's a Bad Friday

Today was moving day so I was all over the place trying to coordinate network installers, furniture installers as well as Verizon finishing the point to point connection between our two locations (think herding cats). I was able to take free moments and catch up on e-mails/IMs that I had missed and one in particular […]

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January 15th, 2008

Live Blogging the MacWorld 2008 Keynote

So today my lunch was spent tracking Steve’s keynote at MacWorld 2008. Since there’s no live video stream, that left me keeping up via those who live blogged the event. No problem, if only those sites stayed up. Here are the sites I tried to use and how they worked for me: Engadget – My […]

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