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In 2008, Ooma approached Voce Communications in need of a company relaunch. Ooma’s initial market introduction, while on paper deemed a PR success, left the company unable to meet sales targets and in need of deep business changes. The company was a full quarter away from the introduction of its second generation hardware and had […]

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The connect team and Voce client services work together to provide SCEA with quality development work and friendly services. Both strive to ensure that the US PlayStation blog has cutting edge features and high performance capabilities.

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Project - PS Blog

In January 2007 we began working with PlayStation’s corporate communications team in an effort to develop a comprehensive social media marketing program.

Our Client Services team began working with PlayStation on the heels of a very high-profile marketing mistake — the company’s branding team had just months prior launched a fake blog called “alliwantforxmasisapsp” that was quickly discovered and ‘outed’ by game industry fans and media worldwide. As a result, the company was in a dire position and needed to quickly begin rebuilding customer loyalty, trust and confidence in the PlayStation brand. Our recommendation (and belief) was that PlayStation could only do this using dialogue building strategies and tactics.

It’s with this in mind that our Client Services team devised and began implementing our initial social media strategy, which focused on the development of a corporate blog called “PlayStation.Blog.” We worked with Patrick and the PlayStation PR team to analyze where opportunities for dialogue existed online and how the content strategy for PlayStation.Blog would map to the discussion trends we identified — also, where we considered there to be conversational gaps. Additionally, we began developing a roadmap for content creation, which included a mix of media types, including audio, video, photography, and artwork.

In parallel with our content development efforts, our Platforms team began working with PlayStation’s IT team on the design and development of PlayStation.Blog. For this project, we used WordPress as our primary publishing platform along with several ancillary services to help augment and extend the content strategy, including Flickr, Viddler, Delicious, and Twitter. Additionally, we created Mac and PC widgets.

In June 2007, we launched PlayStation.Blog, and it very quickly became a go-to resource for the entire PlayStation ecosystem. In fact, PlayStation.Blog is arguably considered the most active and highly trafficked company blog in the world. We developed a custom measurement methodology called the Voce Blog Influence Index to help track, measure and weigh the reach and influence of PlayStation.Blog. We also custom developed several WordPress plug-ins for this program, which have since become best practice plugins for all our corporate blogging projects — this is code we have since shared with the WordPress open source community.

The success of PlayStation.Blog enabled Patrick to hire two full-time community managers, as well as continue to build out the social media program to include a social networking strategy, an influencer outreach strategy, and an online/offline events strategy, among other things. The PlayStation social media program has been widely recognized for its creativity and success. In August of 2008, the PlayStation and Voce teams were profiled on the cover of PRWeek (full PDF of story). We’ve also received several awards and accolades, including an award of excellence in the use of new media by the Society of New Communications Research, as well as a Webby Award nomination for “best blog” in the video game category — we’ve also shared the PlayStation story at several industry conferences, including most recently the PRSA International Conference.

Services Used:

  • Online influencer identification, outreach and engagement
  • Online reputation management, including monitoring, tracking, response
  • Community management, including moderation, facilitation and support
  • Content development, including planning, editing, formatting, publishing
  • Online media production and distribution, including audio, video, artwork
  • Web development and design, including blogs, intranet and communities
  • App development, including desktop, mobile and social networking apps
  • Offline events, including blogger lounges, meetups, influencer events
  • Workshop training, educational sessions, 1:1 coaching and speaking