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In late 2006, FORTUNE 1000 data storage firm NetApp told us that it was about to embark on the single largest marketing endeavor in its 15-year history: a new brand identity. This multimillion-dollar branding campaign was more than just a refresh of external touch points – company name, logo, tagline, and Web site – it […]

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Easton Bell Sports

Voce created an integrated marketing campaign to introduce Bell’s new “True Fit” technology. Voce partnered with Easton Bell Sports to introduce its revolutionary new True Fit technology, which is a result of five years of R&D and human fit studies. The True Fit technology allows for a one-step adjustment and proper fit for child and […]

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In March 2008 we teamed up with Karen Snyder, VeriSign’s social media manager, to begin developing a social media monitoring and response program.

Our Client Services team immediately outlined a six-step strategy that would be implemented throughout the year.

Step one focused on the conversation discovery process. For this, our team partnered once again with Radian6. We also used a mix of our own homegrown tracking tools and best practices. Step two focused on scraping the best (and most actionable) content from the discovery process and aggregating and sharing this content with the VeriSign team via a custom online reporting site we call Bridge™. Step three focused on establishing internal escalation paths and a lightweight ticketing system to help expedite opportunities and issues quickly to VeriSign’s subject matter experts. Finally, steps four, five and six, focused on coaching and counseling VeriSign’s team on issues response and online participation tactics, as well as tracking, analyzing and reporting the outcomes and results of all their efforts.

The model for VeriSign’s social media monitoring and response program has been increasingly recognized as an emerging best practice and even nominated for a few industry awards. Most recently, the VeriSign program was profiled in a case study produced by our partners at Radian6 (click here for the PDF). For more information on Voce’s social media monitoring capabilities, please click here. You can also read some helpful related posts on the Voce Nation.

Additional Projects

We’ve had the opportunity to work on several peripheral social media projects with VeriSign, including the development of “VeriSign Live,” a new corporate blog authored by Karen Snyder, as well as a custom research project with Nielsen Buzzmetrics and a consumer-generated video campaign for the debut of the .tv domain name.

Services Used:

  • Online influencer identification, outreach and engagement
  • Online reputation management, including monitoring, tracking, response
  • Online media production and distribution, including audio, video, images
  • Web development, including blogs, communities and custom websites