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In March 2008 we teamed up with Karen Snyder, VeriSign’s social media manager, to begin developing a social media monitoring and response program. Our Client Services team immediately outlined a six-step strategy that would be implemented throughout the year. Step one focused on the conversation discovery process. For this, our team partnered once again with […]

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Social Media Services

Some additional information on Voce’s Social Media Marketing services.

Influencer Identification and Outreach We help our clients identify, listen to and effectively engage with their market’s influencers.

Social Media Monitoring and Response We help our clients research, monitor, analyze, and respond to conversations on the web. We also use our proprietary Voce Bridge™ dashboard to track and measure the outcomes of these efforts.

Community Management and Counsel We help our clients mange the health and growth of their branded communities, be that a blog, forum, social network, or otherwise. Our support ranges from comment moderation and community platform maintenance to conversation participation, facilitation and support. We also offer similar services for external communities.

Content Development and Publishing We help our clients with the entire content development process for the web. This includes planning, plotting, copy-editing, formatting, and publishing.

Media Production and Distribution We help our clients with the production and distribution of online media, including audio, video, photography, and illustration. We also offer lightweight search engine optimization services.

Education and Training We help our clients with special training assignments and workshops, including leading educational sessions and one-on-one coaching. Members of our team are also available for speaking engagements.

To learn more about Voce’s Social Media Marketing services please contact social@vocecomm.com or call 415.975.2200.