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Voce Connect Press Page

So, what’s going on?

Voce is hiring the cnp_studio team, a group of web developers that specialize in social media design and development work.

Voce Connect

Why are we doing this?

Voce and the cnp team are long-time business partners, we’ve been working together on a variety of social media assignments since 2006 which evolved into an exclusive partnership in February of 2008. Simply put: we work really well together. We’ve had a lot of success together and we believe Voce’s public relations and social media marketing teams, now with cnp’s web development expertise is a powerful combination unfound in most communications consultancies our size — and something that will bring a unique value to Voce and our clients.

And why is this value so unique?

We’re big believers that marketing today is inextricably intertwined with the web and because of that, as a consulting firm, we have to push ourselves and our clients to think more strategically about the web — particularly the social web — and how it’s used to accomplish larger communication and business goals.

The unique value of our combined capabilities comes not only from our ability to create a strategic plan, but more importantly, it’s our ability to take that plan and carry each part through completion, from technical design and development, to day-to-day content creation, brand development, management, and measurement.

Does this really set us apart?

Well, yeah, we think so — especially for a medium-size (50+) company like Voce — but more importantly, we know it’s our experience above all else that really sets our team apart. Voce’s is currently and proudly managing social media programs for some of the largest consumer and enterprise brands in the world, including Comcast, Disney, eBay, Fujitsu, Intel, Logitech, NetApp, PlayStation, VeriSign, Yahoo!, and many, many others.

Voce Social Media Marketing Portfolio
We’ve teamed up with cnp on most of these projects, while they’ve continued to successfully pursue their own independent web development projects too, ranging from the publishing platform work for the “Real Dan Lyons,” MIT Sloan and PlayStation Europe, to user interface design work with Symantec, to traditional website development and intranet work with Platinum Games and Prudential…not to mention Bacolicio.us.

Voce Web Portfolio
Simply put: we’ve built up a combined portfolio, a diverse team and a broad experience set that when put together we believe makes us one of the top communications firms in the nation with dedicated, in-house social consulting/design capabilities.

Here are a just a few quick comments from the clients who have worked with our team:

“Voce brings the creative thinking we need, plus the know-how and experience to get the job done.” – Richard Brewer-Hay, Senior Manager, Social Media Strategy, eBay

“I always trust Voce to lead us in the right direction. They’ve been there for us every step of the way.” – Karen Snyder, New Media Program Manager, VeriSign

So is this new combined team a separate arm of Voce?

Nope. We’re simply a service team inside Voce comprised of specialists like Mike Manuel, Josh Hallett, Nick Gernert, Chris Thilk, Ryan Lack, Michael Moeschler, Shanee Ben-Zur, Sean O’Shaughnessy, Pete Schiebel, Beverly Nevalga, Michael Pretty, Chris Scott, and many others— all of whom are working exclusively on social media programs and development projects for our clients. We call our now formally combined group Voce Connect because much of what we’re doing as a team involves connecting our clients to the web, to their customers and ultimately, to their brand and market online.

What makes Voce Connect any better/different/smarter than other agency practice groups?

That’s easy:

  • It’s our people — our team is comprised of some of the leading thinkers, builders and operators of social media programs in the world.
  • It’s our experience — we’ve architected and implemented social media programs for some of the largest brands in the world.
  • And it’s our work ethic — we believe the best social media programs require sound strategic thinking AND masterful tactical execution. We take pride in our ability to provide both. In fact, we have a saying inside Voce, it’s “they talk, we do.” We believe many companies have chosen to work with us because they see this difference too.

And how will all of this impact Voce’s services?

Actually, for now, our service set won’t change much. Again, we’ve been working together successfully for years now, so it’s just a matter of working smarter — especially in this economy — and helping our clients figure out how all the various pieces of their communications, social media and web development strategies interconnect to squeeze more value and return from these efforts.

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